2022 19/Mar

  Conversational marketing is something that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while. It’s the type of marketing where you communicate with your customers in a natural way as if you were talking to a friend. This type of marketing is becoming more and more popular because it’s simple, effective, and human. When […]

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2022 30/Jan

  The Covid pandemic has abruptly altered consumers’ behaviors and attitudes. Sales funnel reports are still important in 2022 and will help you to identify opportunities and problems. They can help you to track how many leads are entering your funnel, how many are converting to customers, and how much revenue you are generating from […]

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2022 23/Jan

As a business owner, you no doubt have goals surrounding your finances and the products you plan to offer to the world. However, one area that business owners often overlook is finding the “why” behind their work. By understanding the purpose of your business, you will be able to ensure you are offering services and […]

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2021 27/Nov

The old adage of “a rising tide lifts all boats” is now seen as outdated. The real truth is that now, “a rising tide hardly lifts anything.” What does this mean? The truth is, digital marketing is now being used by everyone. It is an absolute necessity in the business world. However, leaders, specifically, are […]

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