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As an extension of my professional resume, I wanted to give possible employers, contractors and/or clients the ability to have a glimpse at something that I can accomplish with my skill set.  Please feel free to visit all of the different pages among this website to gain a better perspective of my personality and skills. This site is merely a window into my technical knowledge, experience, skills and interests as there are many other assets that I possess to a possible employer, contractor or client.  Thank You for visiting

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Content Marketing
Digital Advertising
Website Development
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Social Media Marketing
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As an innovative and results-driven marketing leader, I bring over 15 years of rich experience in spearheading marketing teams, launching products, and steering eCommerce ventures. My expertise extends to crafting go-to-market strategies and executing digital marketing programs. Known for being a strategic visionary and a hands-on implementer, I excel in dynamic, fast-paced environments. My career is marked by a consistent track record of driving revenue growth, adeptly managing substantial budgets, and fostering seamless communication across various departments. I specialize in devising creative solutions to complex challenges, underlining my problem-solving acumen. I am deeply committed to mentoring and teamwork, always prioritizing quality outcomes and continuous learning. My leadership experience spans Direct-to-Consumer (D2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sectors, showcasing a versatile understanding of different market dynamics and consumer needs.

Digital Strategy

I possess a demonstrated capability to drive revenue through diverse channels, including Email Marketing, Inbound Strategies, and Digital Content Development. My expertise also extends to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Social Media, Trade Shows, Online Webinars, and Direct Mail campaigns. Skilled in monitoring and analyzing data, my experience encompasses a range of CRM systems including Salesforce, Base, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, ActiveCampaign, and notably, Act-On,DemandBase. This proficiency is complemented by an adeptness in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, aligning marketing efforts with key account targets effectively. In addition to these, my technical proficiency extends to basic HTML and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. I have a track record of developing and implementing highly successful marketing, branding, and business development plans. These comprehensive strategies and initiatives span across traditional and digital marketing, media relations, advertising, and event management. In my role, I also direct the formulation and execution of marketing programs, ensuring a cohesive and effective approach. A key part of my expertise lies in identifying, cultivating, and solidifying new business relationships, strategic partnerships, and distribution channels, contributing significantly to business growth and expansion.

Social Branding

As an experienced social media strategist and team leader, I have a proven track record in crafting creative content, fostering meaningful engagement, and driving significant growth on various digital platforms. My role involves setting a clear vision, establishing strategic direction, and developing visually compelling content tailored for emerging social media platforms. In addition to these core responsibilities, I've embraced cutting-edge strategies such as leveraging micro-influencer partnerships and harnessing the power of interactive and ephemeral content to enhance user engagement. I also integrate data-driven tactics, like social listening and sentiment analysis, to refine our messaging and approach. My approach centers on connecting authentically with users, effectively boosting brand awareness and consideration. I also employ targeted advertising and personalized content strategies to reach specific audience segments, enhancing the impact of our campaigns. Furthermore, my strategies are designed to influence lower-funnel business outcomes, ensuring that social media efforts contribute tangibly to overall business objectives, including lead generation and customer retention.

Content Development

As a digital marketer, I specialize in developing and executing both B2B and B2C content marketing strategies, employing best practices to align closely with business objectives. My expertise extends to managing blogs, executing email marketing campaigns, and implementing inbound marketing automation. In addition, I have substantial experience in creating Pillar Pages, which serve as comprehensive content hubs, enhancing the SEO and user experience of our digital platforms. I play a crucial role in the conceptualization, strategic planning, and implementation of content marketing strategies, especially for websites and landing pages. My focus on producing compelling content is further enhanced by a deep understanding of SEO best practices, ensuring that each piece not only educates and engages but also performs well in search rankings. This approach, driven by detailed persona development, ensures that our content effectively guides buyers through every stage of their journey, from initial awareness to ultimate advocacy, while also bolstering our online presence through strategic search engine optimization.

Skills and Qualifications

With strong PC and Mac skills, I am proficient in a range of applications and platforms, crucial for today's dynamic marketing environment. My expertise spans Oracle Applications Enterprise systems, Access It, and CRM tools such as Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, and Hubspot. I am also well-versed in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project), Evernote, and Adobe Products. In terms of programming, I have a foundational understanding of Basic, Pascal, Java, and HTML. My digital marketing toolbox includes ClickFunnels, Moz, Google Analytics, Unbounce, Act-On, Sumo, Slack, Canva, Sendible, and email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and SendGrid. Additionally, I am experienced with newer SaaS marketing platforms like DemandBase, providing advanced targeting and personalization capabilities. My skills also cover, ClearVoice, and project coordination tools. In my role, I handle project coordination and maintenance, operations, infrastructure management, and CRM management. My comprehensive marketing management experience encompasses BCC-Software, First Logic, C+, XMpie, and Base. Furthermore, I am adept in using Google Drive, QuickBooks, various eCommerce platforms, and Web Analytics Reporting, ensuring a holistic approach to digital marketing and project management.

Certificates & Awards

Google Adwords Certified, HubSpot Academy, Seth Godin's Leadership Workshop, Business Development For Startups and Tech Companies Certification, Account-Based Experience (ABX) Certification, Microeconomics: Behavior of Buyers and Sellers, Financial Modeling & DCF Valuation Model: Investment Banking, McDowell & Hilton Associations Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011, Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2010, Spirit of the Entrepreneur 2010.

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    • "Shai is an intelligent, progressive leader who has a great ability to stay focused on short-term deliverables while maintaining a macro-level perspective."

      Sara Allen / Creative Director - Brightline Interactive
    • "Shai and I worked together to help implement Base CRM a SaaS. His role helped to ensure that things went as smoothly as possible while being a pleasure to work with."

      Brian Bell / Partner Manager - Base CRM
    • "He has boundless energy and with a touch of humor he continues to innovate various inbound marketing strategies that simply produce results."

      Rebecca Jones / Senior Account Executive - Manulife Financial

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    Address: San Diego, California